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Cybersecurity Services

Computer Programming

Incident Response

Fast Response, Diligent Investigations

Helm Infosec is experienced in assisting organizations of all sizes with solving cyber incidents, such as ransomware and email fraud investigations. We can perform digital forensics and incident response investigations in many environments, including traditional networks, Office 365 email, cloud, and other web services.

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Detection Engineering

See what you're missing

Ensuring your protection and detection systems are finding the latest threats is critical to keeping ahead of cyber criminals. Let's work together to make sure you aren't missing critical alerts.

Table Top Exercises

Find your gaps before they find you

We can perform practice and training for your team to prepare for handling any sort of cyber incident. Doing this in a collaborative environment can help your team learn to communicate in a crisis.

Working Together on Project

Threat Hunting

Identify the unknown

We can proactively review your environment to determine if there is evidence of compromise prior to experiencing a ransomware disaster or other major cyber incident.

Computer Store
Startup Development Team

Security Assessments

A Comprehensive Approach

Whether you are looking for assistance to meet a compliance standard (such as NIST, HIPAA, or FFIEC) or just looking for an outside opinion on the effectiveness of your controls, we can help give constructive feedback and assessments that provide a roadmap to make your network and data more secure.

Blue Print

Staff Augmentation and Project Consulting

Expert Assistance

We are experienced with many different types of cybersecurity systems and can assist with providing additional configuration for those appliances when in need. Additionally, we can provide project leadership and oversight for implementation of new tools and processes.

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